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Assortment leaflets of wines of rulers "Kuban-Vino"

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Chateau Tamagne

Assortment leaflets of the wine list "Chateau Tamagne"

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Angels and Demons

Assortment leaflets of the line of Angels and Demons

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Collection of hybrids and autochthons

Assortment leaflets of wines from the collection of hybrids and autochthons

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Assortment leaflets of wines the High Coast

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Aristov Sparkling wines

Assortment leaflets of sparkling wines Aristov

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Aristov Still wines

Assortment sheets of quiet Aristov wines

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Aristov Cuvée

Assortment leaflets of wines of Aristov Cuvée line

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Assortment leaflets of the Frutissimo wine list

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About Kuban-Vino

«Kuban-Vino» is one of the largest wineries in Russia, where natural, quiet and sparkling wine is created. 3 production sites, 12 thousand hectares of vineyards and an unprecedented scale of production for European winemaking.
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On the fertile soils of Taman and Anapa, grapes were grown and made wine 2,000 years ago. And today the winery "Kuban-Vino" uses all the advantages of a unique terroir to create unique wines.
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Wine tourism

The winery «Kuban-Vino» invites you to the most popular vine-growing region of Russia - the Taman peninsula, located on the same latitude as Bordeaux and Turin.
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