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Wine Club

In 2017 the first wine club "Chateau Taman" was opened in Krasnodar.

This is a unique venue that combines shopping, tasting and presentation rooms, as well as a special wine storage room. Wine Club "Chateau Taman" is designed as a platform for interactive communication with customers "Kuban-Vino". On an area of about 400 square meters there are more than 200 positions of quiet and sparkling wines produced by the winery.

At once I want to note that "Chateau Taman" is not just a store. This is a completely new format for the site to interact with customers. This is a unique space, combining shopping, tasting and presentation rooms, as well as a special room for storing wine.

The interior of the wine boutique is dominated by natural materials, and the overall style of decoration can be defined as laconic and eco-friendly. All space is equipped with professional audio equipment Bose, in each zone - a light design, thought out for its functional, creating the necessary atmosphere and mood.

The total area of ​​the Wine Club, about 400 square meters. meters, divided into several functional areas: a tasting area; shopping room; room-wine cellar, equipped with technology of wine cellars; Presentation area for the demonstration of the shares of the store and cash space.

Various types of events are held in the degustation zone - individual tastings, as well as the Wine Casino, monthly client events, corporate and private events. It is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime, in addition to the already mentioned professional sound equipment, our guests have a multimedia screen and a projector with high resolution of the broadcast image.

In the wine room our wines are stored in conditions that are as close as possible to the conditions of the cellar: this is a special temperature regime of about 12 ° C, and muted lighting, and specially equipped shelves, in which the bottles are at an angle of 15 °.

The demonstration area is equipped with special tables with wines presented in the current stock of the store. This format was chosen for the convenience of customers. During the holding of client events and closed tastings, this zone easily turns into a buffet table.

An important distinctive feature of the design and decoration of the Wine Club "Chateau Taman" is seasonality. Each season, not only the design changes, but also the wines that correspond to the spring, summer, autumn and winter mood. Once 3 months, we change the stylistics of the design of the store and shop windows, adapting it in a new color scheme for each of their four seasons.

Our Wine Club, which presents more than 200 positions of quiet and sparkling wines of all brands of the largest winery in Russia, and the task of consultants is not only to sell, but also to acquaint the buyer with the culture of wine drinking. Since our main goal is to turn Russian wine into a world cultural brand and make it a benchmark of the highest quality.

We wait for you daily from 11 to 22 hours

Wine club "Chateau Taman" is located at the address: Krasnodar, ul. Rashpilevskaya, 121 at the intersection of Rashpilevskaya and Pashkovskaya streets.

Writing on tasting by: 8 (988) 237-88-87

For all questions, please contact

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