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Join the team of professionals of the winery «Kuban-Vino»!

The winery «Kuban-Vino» is a company with a long history, which started back in 1956. It is part of the wine holding «Ariant» together with the agrofirm «South» and the Center for Food Industry «Ariant».

f you want to work in a team of professionals, if you like to occupy a leading position in the market, if you are ready to grow and develop, the winery «Kuban-Vino» is waiting for you!

Become a part of the modern history of Russian winemaking!

«Kuban-Vino» is:

  • 3 large-scale production sites in the station. Starotitarovskaya, st. Tamagne and Mr. Temryuk
  • 4 representative offices of the company: in Moscow, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk
  • More than 1000 employees.

Wine group «Ariant» is the leader of the wine and wine industry:

  • For the area of vineyards;
  • For the area of fruit-bearing vineyards;
  • The volume of production of grafted seedlings
  • By gross harvest of grapes;
  • The processing capacity of grapes;
  • By volume of produced wine materials
  • By volume of sold bottled products

Security policy

The section contains files regulating the assessment, protection and the register of measures to improve the working conditions of employees.

List of measures to improve working conditions, pdf (1.39 Kb)

Summary of WCO results, pdf (2.86 Kb)

Deputy Director for Procurement "Kuban-Vino"

Starotitarovskaya village, Zavodskaya street, 2

Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full time, full day
The workplace is in Art. Starotitarovskaya

more info

- Negotiating with key suppliers;
- Conducting tenders for components, equipment, monitoring of timely deliveries to the enterprise;
- Timely conclusion of contracts with suppliers, control of fulfillment of contractual obligations;
- Building effective interaction with related services (production, logistics, warehouse)
- Organization of the material and technical support of the enterprise;
- Determination of the needs of the enterprise in raw materials and materials through the collection and coordination of applications;
- Ensuring the rational use of transport used for the delivery of materials;
- Reporting on the work done;
- Coordination and control of the work of subordinates.

- Higher education;
- At least 3 years of work experience;
- A confident PC user, knowledge of Microsoft Office, 1C;
- High organizational skills
- Ready to work in multitasking mode.

Terms & Conditions:
- Working in a stable large manufacturing enterprise;
- Registration in accordance with labor law;
- Worthy salary level (salary + bonus)
- Work schedule: five-day working week, from 8.00 to 17.00
- Compensation of mobile communications, fuel and lubricants

Head of Logistics Department «Kuban-Vino»

Starotitarovskaya village, Zavodskaya street, 2

Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full time, full day

more info

- Organize transport services for organizations.
- Ensure efficient use of loading and unloading mechanisms and equipment, improve the quality of transport services.
- Maintain accounting and analysis of the performance of works on transport services of the organization.
- To control the timely and correct execution of freight invoices, travel documents, the application of tariffs.
- To consider complaints on transport services, analyze and eliminate the causes of their occurrence.
- To develop measures to ensure the safety of transported goods, strengthen financial discipline, expand the network of transport services, enhance the culture of service.
- Coordinate the interaction of the transport department with other business units in accordance with the developed and approved technological systems.
- To control the correctness and timeliness of the execution of assigned tasks by the department staff.
- To monitor the compliance of the department employees with the accepted schemes of document circulation, rules and deadlines for preparing and submitting documents to the archive.
- To participate in the review of commercial and claims issues related to the functions of the transport department.
- Develop activities to ensure the implementation of approved schedules and estimates.
- To control the timeliness of decisions related to the delivery and subsequent processing of goods.
- Control the organization of work with mobile and driver's staff, ensure uninterrupted operation of transport.
- Control compliance with the calculation norms for the department, in accordance with the approved estimate.
- Timely and fully compile and submit to the accounts department the necessary reports.
- Control the timely submission of reports to the accounting department of the department.

- Knowledge 1C: 8.
- Higher education.

Terms & Conditions:
- Full-time work.
- Salary plus bonus.
- Registration of the RF TC
- Timely wages.
- Training and further training.
- A young friendly team

Chef at the launch of a fast food cafe (fast food)


Required work experience: 3-6 years
Project / Temporary work, flexible schedule

more info

- Launching and organization of a fast food cafe (fast food)
- Selection of equipment for the current menu
- Testing the menu and setting up production
- Consultation on the documentation required for the conduct of
- Working out of calculation and technological maps
- Setting up the automation system

- Knowledge of fast food fast food technology
- Chef of fast food (fast food)

Terms & Conditions:
- Registration of the RF TC
- Timely wages

The seller-consultant «Kuban-Vino»

Starotitarovskaya village

Required work experience: not required
Full time, full day

more info

- To make retail trade of products manufactured at the enterprise.
- To receive goods from the warehouse of finished products.
- To bring to the attention of buyers information about goods and other information that contributes to the correct choice of goods by the buyer.
- To create proper conditions for trade services, as well as the possibility of choosing the right products by buyers.
- Participate in the inventory.

Mechanic «Kuban-Vino»

Starotitarovskaya village

Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full time, full day

more info

- Maintenance and repair of external and internal communications (water supply, sewerage, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, gas supply.
- Organization of water treatment, wells, boiler house, refrigeration equipment.
- Release of vehicles on the line. Responsible for road safety in the unit. Issuance and recording of travel sheets.
- Maintenance and repair of technological equipment (except bottling lines), forklift trucks, motor vehicles (minor repairs).

- Secondary, higher education.
- Experience with inspections of Rostekhnadzor.
- Experience in organizing the work of motor transport.
- Work experience as a mechanic at an industrial enterprise.

Terms & Conditions:
- Schedule of work 5/2.
- Full social package.

Barmen-cashier «Kuban-Vino»

Tamagne village

Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full employment, replacement schedule

more info

- Work with the cashier.
- Working with clients.
- Quality control.
- Working with suppliers.
- Administration.
- Human Resource Management.
- Participation in inventories.
- Staff training.
- Accounting for goods.
- Negotiating.
- Work with goods and materials.

- Skills of interpersonal communication.
- PC user.

About Kuban-Vino

«Kuban-Vino» is one of the largest wineries in Russia, where natural, quiet and sparkling wine is created. 3 production sites, 12 thousand hectares of vineyards and an unprecedented scale of production for European winemaking.
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Here you can find out about what is happening in the life of the winery, new products, important changes in the life of the company, interesting events and events.
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On the fertile soils of Taman and Anapa, grapes were grown and made wine 2,000 years ago. And today the winery "Kuban-Vino" uses all the advantages of a unique terroir to create unique wines.
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