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Wine tourism

We strive to ensure that our guests not only receive useful knowledge about viticulture and winemaking in the Krasnodar Territory, but also take with them bright emotions and unforgettable impressions from the exciting journey into the world of wine.

Excursion complex
«Chateau Taman», art. Tamagne,
ul. Karl Marx, 1
(agrofirma «Yuzhnaya»)
«Kuban-Vino», ul. Factory, 2
vl. Starotitarovskaya.
«Kuban-Vino», Temryuk,
ul. Western, 35

Traveling through wine-growing areas of our country is gaining increasing popularity. The winery "Kuban-Vino" invites you to visit the most popular wine growing region of Russia - Taman peninsula, where the cradle of two seas - the Black and the Azov - formed for centuries the most favorable climate for vine growing. After all, Temryuk district is located on the 45th parallel, at the same latitude as Bordeaux and Turin. The
We suggest you make a fascinating journey through the wineries of the largest wine holding in Russia. You are waiting for memorable trips to the picturesque vineyards that stretch along the shores of the seas and estuaries - salty lakes, as well as exciting stories about winemaking and a unique wine region and conversations with our wine growers and winemakers. The
You will go to the holy of holies - the gallery of wine aging in oak barrels, visit various formats of tastings, professional and game, during which you will learn about all the subtleties of wine tasting. The
Especially for you, we also offer the program "Wine Weekends", which varies in content depending on the time of year. The
We strive to ensure that our guests not only receive useful knowledge about viticulture and winemaking in the Krasnodar Territory, but also take with them bright emotions and unforgettable impressions from the exciting journey into the world of wine.

WIne Tours

WIne Tours

A variety of sightseeing programs give the opportunity to partners and guests of the winery to choose the most optimal variant of dating.

Set «Medium»

The program offers an express tour of the enterprise and participation in a mini-wine tasting. Guests can also take memorable photos in the colorful interiors of the winery.

Duration of the tour - 1 hour 10 minutes.

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Set «Premium»

The program includes a tour of the enterprise, teaching guests the basics of tasting on the example of still and sparkling wines of the premium segment.

Duration of the tour - 1 hour 30 minutes.

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Set «VIP»

An extended excursion program for discerning guests will allow you to touch the mysteries of the birth of wine and the production of classic champagne, get acquainted with the secrets of aging fine wines in oak barrels, visit a unique winery, learn more about the virtues of still and sparkling wines and learn how to understand them. The culmination of the tour is a tasting of samples of the super-premium segment, in which guests will be able to put the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Duration of the tour - 1 hour 50 minutes.

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Exclusive tours

Exclusive tours

In addition to the classic packages, the winery Kuban-Vino offers partners exclusive tours.

One-day tour "Winery" Kuban-Vino "- Temryuk

в программу включены трансфер, питание в рамках маршрута, экскурсии по двум современным предприятиям вторичного виноделия «Кубань-Вино» в ст. Старотитаровская и г. Темрюк, профессиональная дегустация вин супер-премиум сегмента

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Extended excursion program:

Nursery - Vineyards - OP Taman - Kuban-Vino winery.

The tour introduces participants to the technological equipment and the main stages of the nursery and winery. Cutting and blinding of rootstock cuttings, grafting, waxing and preserving grafts, vine storage, stratification, seedling vegetation, planting in the school. Inspection of vineyards, a story about cultivated grape varieties, soil specifics, grape care, and grape harvesting. Inspection of production facilities, a visit to the Kuban-Vino historical museum, the acrathor workshop, the classic champagne workshop and the aging of wines, and the wine cellar.

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Excursion to the grape nursery

The nursery of grape seedlings located on the Taman Peninsula is unique not only for Russia, but also for Europe. And we are not exaggerating. The nursery is really unique in terms of power, and in the organization of the technological process, and in significance for the entire viticulture industry of the country.

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Picnic in the vineyards

program immersing in breathtaking landscapes vineyards of the Taman Peninsula. The participants are provided with a basket with light snacks, ideally combined with the wines of our winery and the opportunity to have a great time in a comfortable tent overlooking the vineyards, surrounded by the shores of the Tsokur estuary. The program includes transfer

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Lessons in painting wine

lessons of wine painting under the strict guidance of a professional artist. Participants are invited to draw a picture of their favorite wines: terracotta shades of merlot, deep pomegranate tones of cabernet, rich ruby colors of the redstock. Inspiration will bring a casual tasting of sparkling wines

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Wine Jackpot

an exciting interactive tasting in the format of a wine casino, in which not the intuition, but the sensations and taste of the players, reigns. In this game, participants make bets, guessing the grade, category, brand name or wine list from the wide range of the winery "Kuban-Vino". The one who will manage to collect the maximum number of chips at the table will win.

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Phone: 8-989-83-95-7008-861-48-91-666 ext. 7960
Opening hours: 8:00–17:00


On the fertile soils of Taman and Anapa, grapes were grown and made wine 2,000 years ago. And today the winery "Kuban-Vino" uses all the advantages of a unique terroir to create unique wines.
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«Kuban-Vino» actively develops a network of branded stores in the territory of Krasnodar region, where you can find the widest assortment of our winery.
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Wine Club

A unique platform that combines shopping, tasting and presentation rooms, where everyone can not only find their wine, but also enjoy it.
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