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Madera Kubanskaya 2001. Grand Dessert. Chateau Tamagne Reserve

The pearl of the collection of wine drinks "Grand Dessert. Chateau Taman Reserve "is" Madeira Kuban collection ". The winery "Kuban-Vino" uses the classical technology of Madeira production. The selected grapes of the Rkatsiteli variety, whose vine age is at least 15 years old, are collected with a sugar content of not less than 23%. They withstand madera mainly in old barrels, since this drink is contraindicated too rich saturation with tannins of oak. The aging period is 18 months. It is at this stage that the wine drink acquires those organoleptic properties, for which Mader is so much appreciated. In the glass she plays flowers from golden to dark amber. The aroma of a wine drink, typical of the type, with light tones of salted walnut. The taste is soft and oily with a pleasant and long aftertaste "Madeira Kuban collection. Chateau Taman Reserve "- an excellent alternative to strong beverages as a digestive, it is perfectly combined with candied fruits, biscuits, nuts. Served at a temperature of 12-14 ° C.
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On the fertile soils of Taman and Anapa, grapes were grown and made wine 2,000 years ago. And today the winery "Kuban-Vino" uses all the advantages of a unique terroir to create unique wines.


The set of won awards is an eloquent testimony of recognition. Today the winery is awarded more than 500 medals and awards at Russian and international competitions.
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Our winery operates on the principle of full cycle production on the newest European equipment. We have the best specialists, trained and trained in Europe.
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