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Rosa Tamani. Chateau Tamagne 2015

The wines of the Chateau Taman line are produced using classical technologies, and the apple-milk fermentation method is used to reduce acidity, resulting in wines becoming softer and more harmonious. Semi-sweet pink "Rosa Tamani" is one of the first wines produced in the "Chateau Taman" lineup and having its own audience. "Rosa Tamani" - this is a vivid example of the classic technology of processing "on white", which is used to make rosé wines. Since 2004, it has been used in Kuban-Vino to produce this position. The basis of semisweet "Rosa Tamani" is a red grape variety Cabernet (age of vines 17 years old), grown and harvested in its own vineyards. Color in the glass from light pink to dark pink. The aroma is pure, wine, with cabernet tones of black berries. The taste is full and harmonious. Excellent manifests itself in a pair with fruits and berries. Flow temperature: 12-14 ° C.
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On the fertile soils of Taman and Anapa, grapes were grown and made wine 2,000 years ago. And today the winery "Kuban-Vino" uses all the advantages of a unique terroir to create unique wines.


The set of won awards is an eloquent testimony of recognition. Today the winery is awarded more than 500 medals and awards at Russian and international competitions.
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Our winery operates on the principle of full cycle production on the newest European equipment. We have the best specialists, trained and trained in Europe.
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